Yuyyu.Tv is a complete client of Omegle.com on your Windows Phone!

We Windows Phone users are accustomed to using third-party applications. The famous Windows Phone clients are often better than the official versions of the applications and some even if they are not better, have a very good level. Windows Phone, like Android, does not have an official version of the Omegle.com application, but we have a very good third-party app called Yuyyu.TV
What is Omegle.com?

Omegle is a website used for anyone to communicate with other anonymous people through the internet via chat. When entering the site, the user has the option to start a chat. The service randomly chooses two users to chat, a screen similar to an instant messenger opens to a reserved chat; using the nicknames “You” and “Stranger”. With this you can meet other people from anywhere in the world, but it is more likely that you will find more Brazilians there.

Do not have official application?

No! We from Windows Phone do not have an official Omegle application. Android users also do not have an official version of the app. In this case I believe that we Windows Phone we have an advantage, because Yuyyu is an extremely complete application and superior to customers available for Android.

Learn more about OmegleTalktostrangers.Org

Yuyyu.TV is a complete application for you that wants to use Omegle. With it you can use all the functions of the site in a metro interface and totally made for Windows Phone. In addition Yuyyu start Chat has exclusive functions that will make it even more interesting.


Start a conversation with anyone on Omegle.com
Start a conversation with only yuyyu.tv users
When you start a conversation with Yuyyu TV users you can define which users you want to search for: Gender, Location and age.
Start a conversation with users with common interests
Start a conversation by answering or by asking a question (just like on the omegle.com website)
Chat Rooms: Enter a room already created or create your own! There are several rooms available with several themes!
Start a conversation by country: Choose a country and talk only with people here!
Intercept: With this function you can “spy” and “intrude” into the conversation of two omegle talk to strangers!


Achievements: By using the application you can receive some achievements!
Facebook: You can log in with Facebook to set up your profile!
Messages: You can receive messages from other users
Close to you: The app may show strangers near you
Files and Favorites: You can archive and favor conversations you like best! (The application saves all your conversations by default)
Shortcuts: You can add phrases in shortcuts to respond faster
Text effects: The app has some cool text effects
Welcome message: You can set up an automatic message to send as soon as a conversation is started.


Speak: English Text-to-Speak is available for your conversations
Multiple conversations: You can open multiple conversations in the application and switch between them easily!
Photo system similar to Snapchat: You can send a photo by the application. After the upload you will send a link and the image will self-destruct after a while, just like in the snapchat.

Application Cons:

Unfortunately if you leave the application while a conversation is in progress you will not receive the messages in the meantime.
Sometimes the conversations are ended for no reason. Connection and parameter errors.

Final considerations:

OmegleTalktostrangers.Org is an excellent application for anyone who wants to use Omegle. Full, it will allow you to use the site with extreme ease. Unfortunately the application suffers from some problems, but this does not affect application usage overall.

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