Omegle Talk to Strangers Rules


When entering Omegle chat, you need to accept the following rules.

Those who repeatedly fail to comply with the rules, working to remove the riskii from the chatbox from the middle.
If our chat server has problems with abusive operators or other issues with these rules, you can contact us through the contact page of the admin.

Summary of rules:

Typing in capital letters is not allowed.

Insulting words

Racial, abusive or misleading expressions will not be forgiven.

Chat language is English, other languages ​​will not be toll.

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Advertising of spam, products or services is not permitted.

The use of illegal acts is prohibited.

Dislike emoticon

Does not include a private website.

No capital letters

Omegle is basically the same as shouting the same thing in real life to a person by random lettering to strangers chatting with strangers. This is actually not particularly gentle and it is not to see if anyone is typing in big letters.

If you write in capital letters, it is called here by the chat operators. This is then held accountable if you are ignorant of a warning, which may be a kick with a message. If the capital will continue to write temporary conversation men will be.

No racism, discrimination, pornography / pedophilia
As operators, if we have something that is extremely tight, this is the rule. Each of these concepts immediately leads me to magic. Like Hitler and his counterparts, Nickname was immediately banned from the server.

No controversy or swearing speech

Keep personal conversations off the chat channel or speak it privately. The others are not interested in it, so it’s just a special rule. Speak silently without swearing all the right skin.
Your language is not designed to be rude or aggressive. They still talk people, and in any case in the place, it does not mean much. Also, try to minimize any fights and be tolerant and ask what exactly the problem is exactly what is special. If there is no exit from this, ask the help operator.

Hacking of other illegal applications

e is not allowed to hack (quirks), junk mail (spam) and other misuse of servers (to enter their servers).
All this can be punished in illegal or normal life, here it is not allowed to come down.
– Who is online misbehaving with no admin or moderator? Send your username + date and time for an Administrator via the contact form.
– do not give me any special information! Abuse here.
– Treat yourself and treat someone else as boring Have fun? Talk to the person in this regard!

The above-mentioned betting subjects apply to Omegle alternative. Please respect the rules.

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