Omegle is the chat vintage

Omegle is the chat vintage?

Omegle old style chatDa when omegle was born, or at least since I had access to the Omegle page for the first time I was immediately fascinated.

What did I like so much?

Well, let’s say that the idea on which I am based has always been somewhat romantic. It can not be said that it is brilliant or really innovative since in the end what omegle does is to re-propose the old text-only chat and propose it in a slightly different way, but it’s just that to go back in the past, this desire to abolish the predominance of the image that struck me and impressed me.

Unfortunately, however, things in the real world go in a very different way and reality is far from dreams and utopias. Today, the facts are clear: omegle is used as one of those sites where we talked a long time ago (ie chatroulette). How exactly?

Well with most of the people who only talk about sex and bang in the cam to do those things with five fingers … you have a good idea of ​​what I’m talking about.

But how is this possible if Omegle was born as a text-only chat? Here is … this is the point. And that is why omegle for me has lost a lot of points. It was born with a noble ideal then the creators of the site saw that the results were scarce and added other elements such as video chat that actually disrupts the very essence of omegle and makes it very like chatroulette.

From that moment on I left omegle definitely for the reasons just explained and because I find it a site that is not useful for my purposes. If you want to go to chat to make new friends you will find just depraved ready to put you behind just turn you up for a moment. If you are going to tow almost all the girls run after a few seconds of horror and the rest of us just do it to make two laughter with friends and they are not sure to look for love or sex on such a site. For that there are much more specific sites like meetic or badoo. That’s why today omegle is in fact a chat without a specific nature and so I think it will make the end of chatroulette very but very soon. Here’s what they think of geekissimo (but keep in mind that this review was done by them in 2009).

They will be talking to you and I certainly do not want anyone to hurt, but I have to say I was really disappointed by and hopefully they will be the one they were born for. If you want to tell me how you think you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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